A regular at Greenfield train station…

Colin G – Thanks for the lovely flat white. The best coffee in Saddleworth!

Coffee Run recently provided refreshments (and Cake!) for Saddleworth Runners at midnight on their “Summer Solstice 5 Trigs Night Run” here’s what Nicky, the organiser and a few of the runners had to say about Coffee Run…

Nicky T – On the evening of the summer solstice, I had arranged a 20 mile night run for my 40th Birthday. Myself and about twenty other like minded Saddleworth Runners gathered to begin our adventure.  Our route took us all over the hills but halfway around, we crossed the Isle of Sky Road. This was the perfect place to re-fuel and no better way than to call on the services of ‘Coffee Run!’

I spoke to Ruth and explained our rather unique requirements. We needed the choice of tea, coffee or hot chocolate to be served rather quickly for about twenty people at around midnight… oh and if we could have some cake that would be a real bonus. To all of these rather unique requests, Ruth replied that this would be absolutely fine! This was brilliant and so accommodating, what a great incentive to run the first 10 miles quickly.

Well the first half of the run went smoothly and as the Isle of Sky road came into view, everyone’s pace quickened at the thought of a delicious hot drink. The sight that met us was amazing, Ruth and Stuart’s smiling faces and the awesome sight of the ‘Coffee Run’ van. I chose my favourite hot drink, which is a latte, and I can truly say that it was the best tasting coffee I have ever had. It tasted like warm velvet and I could feel the warmth and life creeping back into me. There was also a fantastic selection of cakes and biscuits for everyone and the area was beautifully decorated with lights.

I would like to thank Ruth and Stuart for providing us with the most wonderful refreshments and for being so happy to come out in the middle of the night to meet us on a dark road… it is thanks to them that I had such a memorable birthday. Thank you so much!!”

Chris M – “A special thank you must go out to Ruth for bringing the Coffee Run van up to the Isle of Skye Road and serving her wonderful coffee at the half way point on our Saddleworth Runners Summer Solstice night run!”

Monica B – “Best coffee and lovely cake!”

Susan H – “I too want to say to Stuart and Ruth – what a lovely gesture to provide everyone with coffee and sweet snacks in the middle of the night. Thank you very much indeed for my perfect coffee.”

Intrepid adventurers from Saddleworth Runners ready to continue their night run after fuelling up at Coffee Run!

Intrepid adventurers from Saddleworth Runners ready to continue their night run after fuelling up at Coffee Run!

CoffeeRun recently provided drinks and snacks for a training day at Capital Safety and here’s what they had to say about it…

Dear Ruth,

On behalf of Capital Safety Training at Greenfield, I would liek to thank you for the excellent service and coffee that you provided in support of our recent open day.

We collected feedback from all the people who attended and the coffee and pastries you supplied received numerous positive comments.

I would not hesitate in using your services in the future and would be only too pleased to recommend you to others.

Thank you again for your valued contribution to our event and I wish you and your business all the success in the future.

Kind Regards,

Stephen Morris

Training Manager, Capital Safety Training, Greenfield.