Here at Coffee Run we are passionate about bringing the best coffee to your event. Coffee Run is a mobile cafe providing espresso based coffees, teas, hot chocolate and a range of tasty treats to compliment your drink of choice. Our converted Citroen van can be hired along with our fully trained baristas to make fabulous drinks for you. Alternatively, if you are organising a show, market, car boot sale, sporting event or anything where there will be a crowd, just let us know and we can provide the brews!

Coffee Run was set up by Ruth and Stuart in 2012. They felt there was a need for good coffee on the go in the North West. Their passion for quality coffee was fueled in part after visiting New Zealand. Those guys really know how to do good coffee, nothing but the best is good enough and instant is certainly not an option! It doesn’t matter whether it is served in a shop, a petrol station, a shipping container or a van; it’s all made with care and with taste in mind. We feel exactly the same way. Let’s make it fresh and let’s make it with love!

When we’re not making coffee we like nothing more than running and cycling in the great outdoors. So we’re happy to serve your drinks in any weather and at any time of the year. Whenever there is a need for “proper coffee on the go” we’ll be there.

Happy bikers fueled and ready to go!

Happy bikers fueled and ready to go!