Our Coffee

Ours is speciality coffee, distinguished by an attention to quality and freshness. Working closely with our supplier we’ve waved good bye to generic blends and said hello to fine arabica beans from Brazil, El Salivdor and India. All sourced ethically and traded fairly.

Our coffee is delivered to us within days of roasting and we always order in small batches to ensure it’s freshness. In addition we grind our coffee “on demand” for every cup, this keeps all the flavour and aroma in the bean for as long as possible which makes such a difference to the taste. Why not try one of our delicious coffees and find out for yourself!

Espresso – Near boiling water is forced, under pressure, through finely ground coffee to create a concentrated caffeine high and rich coffee flavour.

Ristretto – A “restricted” double espresso which is made by using slightly more ground coffee to slow down the extraction. This results in a concentrated shot with a different flavour profile. It’s an intense little drink that really packs a punch!

Americano – Hot water with a double shot of espresso on top to preserve the crema. The thicker the crema, the better the coffee!

Espresso Macchiato – A double espresso topped with a little milk and foam. Macchiato means “marked” in Italian. Only a small amount of milk is used to “mark” the coffee meaning the taste of the espresso really shines through.

Flat White – who created this little beauty is hotly contested in Australia and New Zealand but whoever came up with it was on to a winner! A flat white is a small drink, some say it’s the perfect balance between coffee and milk. We make ours with a double ristretto topped with hot milk and a thin layer of foam.

Cafe Latte – The perfect feel good drink and the most popular in the UK! A double espresso topped with steamed milk and a thin layer of glossy foam.

Cappuccino – A coffee classic! A double espresso topped with hot milk and dense glossy foam.

Mocha – Double espresso mixed with chocolate then topped with hot milk and a thin layer of foam. Perfect for those of you in need of a caffeine and a chocolate fix!

We are great believers that whatever drink you chose you should be able to taste the coffee! For that reason we put double shots as standard in all our drinks. Just ask for a single if you prefer. We can also cater for those of you that like your milk skinny or dairy free.

In addition all these drinks can be make with our delicious Swiss water decaffeinated single origin Brazilian coffee. Yum!